Implementing technology into the world of fashion e‑commerce

GLAMI is a leading European fashion discovery platform. Founded in 2013 and gradually spreading across 13 markets, GLAMI has grown into Central and Eastern Europe's most visited online fashion platform. On the basis of our state‑of‑the‑art in‑house AI technology, we are simplifying the way people discover and buy fashion.

“We are building a next generation AI-powered fashion discovery platform, that will understand the taste of every user independent of the number of interactions with us and straight away will offer the best and the most relevant products we have on the platform. We are simplifying the way people discover fashion. And this is just the beginning.”

“Fashion in the future is AI‑powered and personalized. With our next-generation artificial intelligence-powered fashion discovery platform, we will be able to understand the taste of every user independent of their number of interactions with us, which will enable us to offer the users the best, most relevant products right away. It's our mission to simplify how people discover fashion. And it's only the beginning.”

Ján Kešelák



Our guiding principles

Our decisions are always based on what is best for the USER. User experience is at the hearth of everything.
DATA is the essence of what we do and how we do it. We make well-informed decisions by analysing several data points.
Our only constant is CHANGE. Agility and curiosity are part of who we are.
We never stay still. We are always proactively striving to IMPROVE. Our appetite for feedback is endless.

In the beginning there was a thought

Domodi is being founded in the Czech city of Liberec.
First international expansion is initiated and Domodi speaks German.
Domodi is rebranded to GLAMI and opens office in Prague. Mobile app is launched and expansion continues with France.
Slovakian market is launched.
Expansion further continues to Hungary and Romania.
Acquisition of Greek Ntynomai and launch of Turkish and Russian market.
Expansion accelerates with Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and Brazil. International sustainable fashion search engine is also being launched. Users on GLAMI are being able to search with images. Filters of sustainable brands and materials are being added to the catalog.
Opening of Baltics markets - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
Reaching a milestone of 350 thousand monthly orders generated to partner e-shops. AI models are introduced to GLAMI tech stack - internal recommender system and deep item categorisation.
Acquisition of Italian Stileo and launch of Hyper-personalized homepage with onboarding Quiz. GLAMI & Stileo bring 450 thousand orders monthly to partner e-shops.
Poland market is launched.